Your (Self) Portrait 2022

Ars Electronica Festival 2022 
Campus Exhibition / Campus-Ausstellung 

Media Arts / Interactive Program

Jean-Baptiste Regnault, The Origin of Painting, 1785.
Myth of the 'Corinthian Maid'
" Butades, a potter of Sicyon, first formed likenesses in clay at Corinth,
but was indebted to his daughter for the invention. The girl, being in
love with a young man who was soon going from her into some remote
country, traced out the lines of his face from his shadow on the wall by
candle-light. Her father filling up the lines with clay formed a bust, and
hardend it in the fire with the rest of his earthen ware."
- Pliny the Elder, Natural History, xxxv.151.
The project “Your (Self) Portrait” was inspired by an old story called ‘Butades’, or ‘Origin of Painting’. 

I reconstructed the roles in the story into interactive art work using kinect sensor.

In this art work, users can experience audiences, models, and painters by drawing themselves
with their own gestures.
1. As the user appears in the space, a silhouette of the user appears like a shadow on the screen.
2. The timer is activated, and the user's silhouette is displayed on the screen as an outline after a certain period of time.
3. The user's hands display on the screen with a pen and an eraser function on each hand.
4. The user can freely draw on their own or others' silhouettes on the screen.
5. When user take exactly same pose on his or her silhouette, user can move with drawing.
6. As the user leave the area or move away, all drawings disappear from the screen.

Photos from Ars Festival 2022 in Kunstuni Linz