Glitch Project 2023

Collaborative art performance project with Geon Kim

7min 30sec

Performance on 28th March and 21st April, 2023
Studio 1 in Kunst Uni Linz

Glitch‘ refers to the unintended errors or mistakes that occur due to collisions between systems.

As foreigners based in Austria, many people often see us as beings like ‘glitches‘ within Europe.

However, when we think more broadly and deeply, ‘glitch‘ can be anything that deviates from the norm. For example, minority races or sexual identities can also be considered ‘glitches‘, and more broadly, everyone may have something within themselves that could be a ‘glitch‘. Generally, these glitches are considered negative, but we can see glitch art, where glitches are easily made into art.

Our performance can be considered a form of glitch art. Through this performance, we intend to no longer view these glitches as negative, but instead accept them as something that can be an art form.

Trailer_ 2023
camera Woonji Im
Assistant Younggon Kim