M.M.M.(Mask Mouth Mouse) 2023

Posted on the indie fame website itch.io.


St.Interface Day artwork 16.Dec.2022

A mouse clicking game & Arduino based wearable interactive artwork
size 15 x 15 x 10 cm
Photo model_ Woonji Im

‘M.M.M’ is short for ‘Mask Mouth Mouse’. (Doesn’t matter which ‘M’ comes first)
This game is a simple mouse click game.

1. Try to avoid the barriers.
2. Click the candy.
3. Congratulations! And press ‘a’ to restart.

But to truly enjoy the game, you need a special mouse, not a mouse next you. Look at this mouse!

The 3D print mask is the main frame of the mouse. The normal mouse is set to the mask near the mouth position. Well, you can already guess. Just move the mouse pointer with your tongue. For the hygiene purposes, you can add a film to the laser tracking part of mouse and change it every time.

This red cable microphone sensor is for the clicking, and you can click whenever you make any sound. 

You can check this small LED for the mouse clicks.

 The black box is the home of Arduino. You don’t need to connect the mouse cable to your computer because it’s made with a Bluetooth mouse. But it needs power. So, I connect Arduino to the external battery. Then, you can move in Bluetooth area while moving the mouse pointer with your tongue without using your hands.